Cardi B Wore Craft-Store Pearls & $3 Hairspray To The Grammys

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Cardi B Wore Craft-Store Pearls & $3 Hairspray To The Grammys

Cardi B is having a serious night. In the wake of being assigned in five classifications, playing out her hit melody “Money,” and taking the success for Best Rap Album, Cardi B additionally completed the night at the highest point of each best-dressed rundown with her design forward, vintage ensemble.

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While her Birth of Venus – propelled Thierry Mugler outfit created an impression all by itself, the enchantment was in the subtleties — particularly when it went to her high as can be pearl headpiece, which precisely coordinated the one worn in the 1995 fall couture appear. Celebrity beautician Tokyo Stylez, who banded together with Suave to make the look, uncovers that they didn’t really utilize the first piece, so they needed to ad lib. “I saw the old photographs and brought that vision to life,” Stylez solely tells Refinery29 of the look that took three hours to finish. “It was in reality extremely economical.



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I got the pearls at a neighborhood makes store and the hair from the brand Lustful Hair. Every last bit of it was entirely affordable, so it didn’t cost much.”

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